"I only met a couple of female investors in Denmark, and one had to invest in a Danish company, because it was government money. She was very helpful and nice. Almost all the other investors, I spoke with in Denmark, were male," says Melanie Aronson is the Founder and CEO of Panion.

Wanted: Money For My Startup

Since moving to Denmark a year ago, I have been curious to know what the fundraising process looked like for local female entrepreneurs. How has the Danish investment ecosystem been working for them? Have they been through notable experiences they wanted to share? Carla Fabbro discusses raising funding in Denmark with Melanie Aronson, CEO of Panion and Petra Kaukua, CEO and Co-founder of GRIM.

Up until now, studies have been pretty clear on the fate of women in entrepreneurship. While women make up for 16% of the total entrepreneurs, only 2% receive funding. On the other hand, 84% of male entrepreneurs get 98% of the funding.


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