Photo: Alexander Kragh.

How to solve an extensive recruitment need

It has been a growing tendency in Danish startups and scaleups that they have challenges with recruitment. This is partially because of an all time low unemployment rate. But also because these types of companies are not well known to the broad audience, hence the people that are actually searching for new opportunities, look to the well-known C25-indexed companies.

For the bigger parts of start-ups and scale-ups it is of utmost importance to hire people who fit into the company’s culture. A cultural match is often considered more important than competencies.

The same goes for our partner Templafy. When they hire business development representatives, they barely even look to the CV. The most important thing for them, is the individual person’s fit into the Templafy culture and if they seem willing to take on a sales career.

Therefore, in close cooperation with managers from Templafy, we developed a different recruitment concept where 16 hand picked candidates where invited for a 7 hour ‘group interview’. The higher purpose of the day was to zoom in on the candidates’ personalities for Templafy to see who would match their culture. The goal was clear: Templafy should offer jobs to the best matches at the end of the day.


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