Working towards a SLUSHtainable future

Slushstainability is back! But it never really left. Sustainability is an integral part of the way Slush operates, and every year we want to keep raising the bar. What are some of our Slushstainability highlights this year?

If you’re a Slush veteran, you’ll remember our Raw Material collection stations, which take back valuable materials to be transformed into industrial insulation, toilet rolls, biogas and more. To make recycling easier, all our cups and foodware are biodegradable. We have vegetarian options available at every food stand, and our water points provide you with fresh Finnish tap water. Remember to bring your own bottle and help us reduce cup waste!

Cut the crap

While our circular economy-based waste stations are a great tool to ensure we recover valuable materials, the best-case scenario is if the material was never there in the first place. Rather than giving out flyers, wrapped candies and neon-light trinkets, we encourage every partner, startup, investor, and attendee to focus on meaningful interactions. As always, printed materials are strictly banned at Slush.

Beat the traffic

With 25,000 attendees congregating to the Convention Centre, how people move around the city makes a real Slushstainable difference. The quickest and most convenient way to get around is to use Helsinki’s excellent public transportation services – and you can do it for free! HSL, Helsinki’s public transportation authority, is giving 10,000 passes to our attendees for use during the two days of Slush. Grab yours at pre badge claim! Also, all Slush logistics within the city are handled with hybrid cars, thanks to our partner Volvo.

Meaningful content

Sustainability isn’t just about how we operate, it’s also about who and what we talk about. After all, this is the stuff that can impact our community far beyond the event itself. This year our program has an even stronger focus on understanding how startups can change the world, highlighting the holistic consequences that entrepreneurial activities carry. As always, it’s important for us to amplify different kinds of voices and showcase a variety of role models in the startup scene, so diversity plays a crucial role in building out our program.

Entrepreneurship for all

At the core of our Slushtainability efforts is our goal of making entrepreneurship accessible for everyone. Our Code of Conduct applies to all Slush events: if you see or experience something that bothers you, contact one of our security personnel, the security desk at the Southern Cloakroom, or one of our volunteers. Slush welcomes attendees of all ages during the day-time, but our parties at 18+ (sorry kids!). The venue is fully accessible by wheelchair, with the exception of the Sauna Village. Read more about accessibility in the venue at the Convention Centre’s website.

Encouraging everyone

To help to maximize the good we do together, we ask all our partners and side event organizers to take into account all the sustainability and inclusivity considerations in planning the events. To encourage side event organizers to make sustainable choices, we also throw a little competition, Side Events Sustainability Challenge, for them. Partners who have booths at the event can take part in our Partner Booth Sustainability Challenge.

In just less than a months’ time, Slush will once again bring people together to celebrate entrepreneurship, meet new people and learn from each other. To ensure the end result makes the world better, every detail matters. That’s why Slushstainability, like Slush itself, is a community effort. Come create it with us!