One would think that the entrepreneurs who have a great passion for solving some of the world's biggest problems will go the extra mile to succeed, no matter what it takes and how limited the financial resources are. Will companies that work with green technology and sustainable solutions have advantages, or disadvantages, in a time when one should expect reduced sales, fewer resources to retain the best employees and greater competition to attract capital?

Will impact companies succeed through a recession?

“In the current situation, unfortunately, I do not think that investors will reflect on the major climate problems, but think more about themselves and their current investments," says Jan Svensson, Chairman of the Board of Mikrofonden Sverige.

The Corona virus is already all over. Therefore, everyone's attention has now shifted to how big and long a recession we are heading towards. We have never experienced such a reaction to a global danger as quickly as in the case of Corona. People respond immediately in the form of social restrictions and as a result to that reduced consumption. Business is responding with cuts in costs, layoffs and downsized budgets. Governments are shutting down countries and present financial packages so that we can get through the impending recession.

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