"We want to make sure, that more ideas actually make a difference. That they have an impact," says CEO of Index Liza Chong on the reason why Index now also is a venture fund. Foto: Index.

Index Award becomes an impact investor

The Danish Design Award Index has established a prestigious venture fund that will ensure more early-stage design ideas become sustainable products and solutions. Eight investments have already been made, and the fund is about to raise money for a second fund.

Tesla's iconic Roadster could have been one of the many ideas for new sustainable solutions that the Danish Design Award Index - Design to Improve Life - could have co-invested in. It is yet to be determined whether that would have been a good investment, after all. But the design of the first mass-produced electric vehicle in the United States was presented to Index 16 years ago, and it is  just one example of a radical and innovative design solution with huge potential to make a difference for people and the environment.

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