"the three founders of Lulu Lab, have created a game about menstrual pads and menstruation, as this subject was proven to be most important when researching taboo subjects in Kenya." Foto: Lulu Lab.

Entrepreneurs stand in line with their Sustainable Development Goal-Tech

The Danish startup community has a great deal of ideas of how to solve some of the largest issues facing the world today. Danish forces within education, health, environment, agriculture and food production deliver when in the hands of entrepreneurs who create tech-solutions with the potential to make change. Here are a few startups that you should keep an eye on that are currently lying in wait in the Danish impact-underground.

When a young girl reaches puberty in Kenya, she is given a menstrual pad while in school. This is done to ensure that all girls are able to attend school, even if the family cannot afford menstrual pads. While this effort is in itself applaudable, few schools inform the girls, how one uses a menstrual pad. For talking about menstruation and sexuality is a taboo in Kenya, and only a handful of schools inform their students on the subject.

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