Presenting Zettl, a wooden pop-up house that you can set up in a day. Quick and easy, a DIY house for all people in need of a home. In short, your “hermit crab” house you can set up quickly, cheaply and easily - anywhere, anytime. The first cluster of houses will soon be built so that the prototype can become reality. We have spoken to the man behind it all, Lars Stenfeldt Hansen. Photo: Zettl.

Build your own pop-up house

Sponsored: Many dream of one day building their own home. However, building your own home is unfortunately expensive and time-consuming, making it hard to make this dream a reality. This new concept will make it cheaper, easier and faster to build - wherever you want. It’s a pop-up house made of wood. The name of the new concept is Zettl. The name means I-will-put-roots-down-here. The name and concept should awaken the inner settler who wants to experience the world with his own Zettl "snail house" on his back.

Mobile modular homes are a huge hit right now. Several architects and entrepreneurs use shipping containers as both platform and premise, while others utilizing traditional wooden boards to construct DIY houses.

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