“We have a joint mission in assisting travelers in their travel planning. Being a new company, the partnership grants us possibilities for promotion we otherwise would have to fight for," says Louise Zastrow, founder and CEO of Travel Kollekt.

Travel-startup in partnership with Moleskine: “We want to be able to run our business freely”

Strategic partnerships between startups and corporate companies can be mutually beneficial. It can bring greater value than mere money to a business, and if leaving out the financial funding all together, it’s possible to retain control of your startup, tells founder of Travel Kollekt.

It didn’t take long for a new, Danish startup to lure the large, international manufacturer of notebooks, Moleskine, into a strategic partnership. Despite their differences in size and age, the companies share the same customer base and have corresponding visions for their business. And right from the beginning, the founder of the travel-startup Travel Kollekt eyed these similarities as an opportunity.

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