"There are a lot of money available, and most of the companies are looking for smart money. To find the smart person behind the money is often a lot more difficult," writes Michael Hansen, Investment Manager, Odense Investor Summit. Photo: Odense Investor Summit.

Startup companies must train their way to the investors

Within the robot industry, technology, product and sales are typically what fills everyday life. When the companies start hunting capital, their presentations of the company often turn into an obstacle in the meeting with investors. However, concentrated training makes a difference as the companies manage to focus on talking business instead of technology and product, writes Michael Hansen from Odense Investor Summit.

Guest entry: Many of the companies are unfamiliar with presenting their knowledge about their business for potential investors and how their company can earn money to the investor. Therefore, at Odense Investor Summit we push the companies towards the goal: to match them with the right investor.

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