The story of Mimica began when founder Solveiga Pakštaitė did research for a university project about how blind people are managing their daily life. Then she started wondering about how they are reading expiry dates — and came up with the idea of a tactile expiry label that decays at the same time like food.

Mimica and Arla set out to form the future of expiry labels

GUEST ENTRY: The start-up Mimica joined the Accelerace family in May 2017 and can look back at a remarkable year.

Blog from Accelerace: Among others, they were forming the foundation for an exciting cooperation with the global dairy company Arla to test their product and get Mimica Touch, a smart tactile expiry label in the supermarket shelves. Because who doesn’t know this kind of situation: You have a milk carton in your fridge. It smells fine, it looks fine, but the expiry date passed two days ago and leaves you in doubt if you dare to add a sip to your coffee or not. The Mimica Touch label could reduce the premature end of perfectly fresh products in the garbage can dramatically by providing a more accurate expiry date.

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