Tame is Mickey Switzer, Jazenko Hadzic, Niels Schmidt and Deividas Jackus. Foto: Tame

Five Strong Angels Give Wings to Danish Event Planning Platform

Laying the ground for rapid, global expansion, the team in Tame carefully selected their investors. Coming together in a unique constellation, all angels in the syndicate emphasize the others as an important factor for investing.

Champagne bottles were cracked open and glasses clinked when Bootstrapping visited the small co-working space in Klerkegade in central Copenhagen.  Not so much in the honor of us, but rather to celebrate that Tame, after two years of preparations, now finally is ready to launch with a bang. After landing five skilled business angels who altogether have fuelled the company by DKK 4.5 million, the global market now awaits – and the sooner the better.

Behind Tame is, among others, Jasenko Hadzic, who many may know as one of the developers of #CPHFTW. Here, by the help of Excel, post-it and various other aids, he arranged and held a large number of events.

And it was exactly his own need for a user friendly event management tool which became the starting point for Tame. The past two years the team has been working hard to develop the product which now, finally, is ready for up-scaling.

Whereas some may find two years to be a long time for a startup to keep low, Jasenko Hadzic tells the time has strategically been used to test the product, collect feedback from users, and to improve the tool. Now, however, with the help of investors, the company is more than ready to expand globally.

A well planned business model

The tool is oriented towards anyone in event planning, but especially large, established companies. The platform implements various tools and features spanning from task management, programme building and coordination of sponsors to content and contact management. In addition hereto, the site offers a ticket sales system, publication assistance, and help to build a web site for the event.

In other words, Tame offers an all-in-one tool. The core businesses model builds on the plan to make Tame a subscription service where it’s possible to also extract relevant data from the platform, making event planners able to optimize and streamline their work.

Currently, more than hundred organizations and companies in more than 70 countries apply Tame’s tools. And by the end of May, Tame hopes to have expanded further, in total reaching a 100 countries.

After two years in the quiet, Tame now gors global the sooner the better, and the journey is to be fuelled by the funding from five business angels.

On the basis of their individual competences and skills, the investors have been carefully selected by the four founders of Tame.

“We have had a very focused round of investing. The five who is now on board make a really good unit. They are experienced investors, they know Software as a Service-field, and they have previously built up successful international businesses,” tells Jasenko Hadzig, co-founder and CEO of Tame.

A significant group of angels

Anders Pollas is one of the selected investors. He is the former co-founder of Podio which was sold for more than DKK 260 million. On top of that, he is an experienced investor within Software as a Service (SaaS).

Same can be said about Gregers Kronborg, who, as a former partner of Northzone, also knows what large VC funds are on the lookout for.

The third, the Swedish serial entrepreneur and investor, Hampus Jakobsen, can pride himself of selling The Astonishin Tribe (TAT) to Blackberry for almost a billion DKK. Moreover, he has invested in more than 70 startups across the Nordics.

The three is joined by Jacob Wandt who sold his company E-conomic for more than DKK 760 million. He is moreover an experienced investor within SaaS.

Lastly, Tommy Andersen is – besides from being the new chairman of the government’s entrepreneur panel – Managing Partner in byFounders, an experienced business angel, and founder of Libratone, which Chinese investors acquired for an undisclosed three-digit million DKK amount.

Investor team just as important as the founder team

Previous experience aside, what possibilities do the investors see in the Danish startup?

”To me the opportunities are to be found in an opening in the market for planning tools, the platform’s capability for global up-scaling, and, not the least, the competences and relevance of the other investors,” Jacob Wandt states in a written reply on why he decided to invest in Tame.

I’m drawn in by the energy Jasenko and his team put into their work. They have the right attitude.

Also Gregers Kronborg highlights the opening in the market and the possibility for international expansion as his prime reasons for investing in Tame. Moreover, he believes in Jasenko Hadzic and his team.

“I’m drawn in by the energy Jasenko and his team put into their work. They have the right attitude. The fact that all investors entered simultaneously also matters, as it secures Tame the necessary capital for actually utilizing the resources,” says Gregers Kronborg on his considerations for investing.

“I had never taken it on all by myself. Jasenko have composed a good syndicate. I had probably also joined other investors, but this group is particularly good because they are all experienced. It increases the chances for success,” he adds.

Also Tommy Andersen from byFounders emphasizes the idea, the product, the founder, and the team as important reason for investing in Tame. And like the other investors, he sees the syndicate of experiences angels as a significant strength.

“By principle, I never invest alone. All angel investments are somewhat subject for change, and investors face several decisions. Maybe there is a need for more capital. In general, the investor team has several tasks. Just like a strong founder team is important, equally so is a strong investor team,” says Tommy Andersen.