Tame is Mickey Switzer, Jazenko Hadzic, Niels Schmidt and Deividas Jackus. Foto: Tame

Five Strong Angels Give Wings to Danish Event Planning Platform

Laying the ground for rapid, global expansion, the team in Tame carefully selected their investors. Coming together in a unique constellation, all angels in the syndicate emphasize the others as an important factor for investing.

Champagne bottles were cracked open and glasses clinked when Bootstrapping visited the small co-working space in Klerkegade in central Copenhagen.  Not so much in the honor of us, but rather to celebrate that Tame, after two years of preparations, now finally is ready to launch with a bang. After landing five skilled business angels who altogether have fuelled the company by DKK 4.5 million, the global market now awaits – and the sooner the better.

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