Foto: Martin Dyring-Andersen.

e-Money: From a Boston bar to Copenhagen FinTech Lab

Guest entry: Behind every startup is often a great story. The story of how it all started and how the founder(s) got the idea. In our case, it wasn’t in our parent’s garage after school, it was actually at a bar in Boston – over a couple of beers!

I was in Boston because of my wife, who is a doctor and was doing part of her postdoc degree at Harvard University. We were both excited about the move, but once we got to Boston, the financial practicalities almost knocked us over. Here we were, thinking that the great US of A was way ahead of little, yet very innovative Denmark, when it came to money transfers, global as well as local. We were wrong!

Opening a bank account in the United States being a foreigner is a nightmare.

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