“On the road to success, many mistakes are inevitably made and looking back, you learn a lot from these, but it is the success which makes you confident.  A well founded confidence makes you trust your own judgment and intuition. As a human being, intuition plays an important part in everything we do, but if you have no confidence, you are not able to act on it," says David Helgason, founder of Unity and partner in Nordic Makers. Photo: Unity

David Helgason: ”Your success teaches you the most”

Spanning from FuckUp Nights to news articles, stories of entrepreneurial failures are being encouraged and voiced. Whenever you fail, you also learn. However, we ought not to forget the importance of the confidence which only success can bring, believes the founder of Unity, David Helgason.

He does not see the problem. According to him, we are good at admitting our mistakes. At least in the startup field and the social circles he finds himself in.

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