Talks at the Square with Frances Arnold, ‘How excellence in science impacts innovation’

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21. maj 2019 @ 13:00 - 15:00

“Dr. Frances Arnold, Nobel Prize Winner and Linus Pauling Professor at Caltech, will visit BioInnovation Institute at the popular event series ‘Talks at the Square’.
At the event, you can experience an exciting discussion between BioInnovation Institute’s CEO, Jens Nielsen and Dr. Arnold about how excellence in science impacts innovation. They will touch upon topics like the importance of mentorship in science, how you ensure excellence, and why translation of science is important.Dr. Arnold is a devoted scientist and entrepreneur. Apart from her impressing academic career, she has founded two companies, is the…”

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21. maj 2019
13:00 - 15:00
BioInnovation Insitute, Ole Maaløes Vej 3, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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