Christian Vejlø, one of the women on this years list. Foto: Søren Bidstrup / Scanpix.

Women in tech 2018

Women are heavily underrepresented in the tech industry and startups. To make more women enter the fields, role models are called for. Luckily, there is no shortage of inspiring women in Denmark.

Last year, only 26% of new businesses were registered by women. This is a radical decrease since 2011, where women made 34% of the new business registrations.

Several measures have been taken in order to encourage more women to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs. And several measures have been taken in the effort of making more women interested in technology. Because, according to the EU commission, if more women were to enter the tech industry, the EU area could possibly benefit from a throbbing EUR 9 billion boost in GDP – annually.

As it is today, women make up only 30% of the total of 7 million Europeans employed in the digital sector. Moreover, women are underrepresented at all levels in the companies.

Also in the large tech companies, the majority of employees are men:

Bootstrapping has reached out to a number of women working within technology and entrepreneurship in Denmark to hear, who they aspire to, and who they believe makes the greatest impact for the ecosystem as a whole. We ended up with this line of inspiring women, listed in no particular order:

Mette Lykke, Too Good To Go

Mette Lykke
Foto: Thomas Lekfeldt / STF

“After her major success, Mette has already moved on to a new developing project with 125 employees. She is an inspiration.”

“Naturally, she is a major role model to many. She is cool, down to earth and always ready to assist”

Mette Lykke is the co-founder and former CEO of Endomondo, which was sold to the American firm Under Armour in 2015. After the sale, she kept on to her position as VP of Digital, but has since 2017 been the CEO of Too Good To Go.

Helle Næsager, Kostner Group

Helle Næsager. Foto: Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen / Scanpix

Helle Næsager is the founder and CEO of Kostner Group, which provides assessments of companies’ internal IT systems by means of AI and Big Data.

Lisbeth Chawes, Komfo

Lisbeth Chawes. Foto: Privat.

Lisbeth Chawes is Director of Marketing & Partners at Komfo, which recently was sold to

Anja Monrad, Dell

Anja Monrad. Foto: Niels Ahlmann Olesen / Scanpix.

Anja Monrad is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Central- and Eastern Europe at Dell.

Camilla Hessellund Lastein, Lix Technologies

Camilla Hessellund Lastein. Foto: Privat

”She is a young girl who has built a cool company and who isn’t too proud to admit how tough it has been at times”

Camilla Hessellund Lastein is the founder of the tech company Lix Technologies, which is based in Aarhus.

Marianne Dahl Steensen, Microsoft Danmark

Marianne Dahl Steensen. Foto: Pressefoto.

Marianne Dahl Steensen is one of the leading, Danish business women and CEO of Microsoft Denmark. Despite her profile, she didn’t make it on Infomedia’s list of CEO Superbrands. Read more about this at kforum.

Astrid Simonsen-Joos, Philips Lighting

Astrid Simonsen-Joos Foto:

Astrid Simonsen-Joos is the CEO of Philips Lighting in Scandinavia.

Pernille Andersen, FeedsFloor

Pernille Andersen. Foto: privat.

Pernille Andersen is the CEO and founder of FeedsFloor. Reaching out at Twitter, she was one of the women to first get recommended.

Christiane Vejlø, Elektronista

Christiane Vejlø. Foto: Søren Bidstrup / Scanpix.

Entrepreneur, trend expert, radio host and public debater.

Tine Thygesen, The Creators Community

Tine Thygesen. Foto: Presse.

Tine Thygesen is the CEO in The Creators Community, which runs the startup co-working spaces Matrikel1, Startup Village and Founders House in Copenhagen as well as Mesh in Oslo.

Cathrine Seidelin – stifter af Women in Tech DK

Cathrine Seidelin. Foto: Privat.
“Thank you for the praise! I’m extremely grateful – though I’d like to stress the fact that the success of Women in Tech DK is the result of a team effort,” says Cathrine Seidelin.

Alina Marit Engel og Suvi Kaario, Hooves

Suvi og Alina, co-founders, Hooves. Foto: Presse.

Melissa Azari og Helene Lassen Nørlem, Tiimo

Melissa Azari og Helene Lassen Nørlem. Foto: Presse.

Azari and Lassen Nørlem has created the app Tiimo, which especially has been praised for helping children with ADHD, autism or brain injuries. Recently, Tiimo received an investment of DKK 2 million.

Zenia Francker, The Creators Community

Zenia Francker. Foto: Niels Ahlmann Olesen / Scanpix Denmark.

“She now dedicates her time and energy to connecting startups with talents and investors, making a huge impact for the ecosystem as a whole,”

Zenia Francker is CRO in The Creators Community. She is the former CEO of Founders House.

Carla Cammilla Hjort, Space10

Carla Cammilla Hjort, Space10. Foto: Presse.

“Provocateur, artist and possibly the coolest entrepreneur in Denmark,”

Carla Camilla Hjort is the founder of ArtRebels, Trailerpark Festival, Rebel Agency as well as CEO of Space10.

Camilla Ley Valentin, Queue It

Camilla Ley Valentin.

“She is extremely talented, contributes to the ecosystem as a whole and help young entrepreneurs,”

Founder and CEO of Queue It.

Laila Pawlak, DARE2Mansion og SingularityU Nordic

Laila Pawlak. Foto: Presse.

“She helps out entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and bravely hosts large tech events,”

Laila Pawlak is the CEO of SingularityU Nordic, the Scandinavian branch of Singularity University.

Natasha Friis Saxberg

Natasha Saxberg. Foto: Morten Germund.

“Talented, down to earth, authentic. Just cool”

Digital strategist, author and entrepreneur.

Gulnaz Khusainova, Easysize

Gulnaz Khusainova. Foto: Privat.

“A talented business woman, whose company we should be proud of hosting!”

Gulnaz Khusainova is the founder and CEO of the e-commerce startup Easysize.

Sara Green Brodersen, Deemly

Sara Green Brodersen. Foto: privat.

“She is bold enough to share her experiences from when she decided to swop a corporate career with a startup business. She does it well and is an exemplary role model to many,”

Founder and CEO of Deemly.

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo, Spenderlog

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo. Foto: privat.

“One of the few women in fintech who has made a name of herself, initiates cool startups and contributes to the ecosystem,”

Maria Flyvbjerg Bo is a partner in Spenderlog, founder of Digtio, and co-founder of companies such as NEST and Hufsy.

Ida Tin, Clue

Ida Tin. Foto: Pressefoto, Clue.

“She is based in Berlin and a true role model to me,”

Ida Tin is the co-founder and CEO of Clue. She is a member of The Adventurers’ Club, and has, along with her father, previously run the MC tour company Moto Mundu. Today, she lives in Berlin

Fie Hansen-Hoeck, Fooducer

Fie Hansen-Hoeck. Foto: Presse.

“She and her partner is running a really cool business,”

Owner and founder of Fooducer. She is additionally a board member in several companies, among others

Aja Guldhammer Henderson, Reshopper

Aja Guldhammer Henderson. Foto: privat.

Aja Guldhammer is the CEO of Reshopper and has recently been cited in Bootstrapping ongoing focus on recruitments. She is the former Country Manager of Airbnb in the Nordics and Netherlands.

Sanne Thougaard, Steps

Sanne Thougaard. Foto: presse.

“Sanne purposely works for making the world a better place along with creating a sustainable business. She engages herself, both in what she does and with whom she interacts with. Let it be employees, customers or users. Sanne is both a dreamer and a doer,”

Sanne Thougaard is the co-founder and business developer at Steps.

Rikke Koblauch, Steps

Rikke Koblauch. Foto: Presse.

Rikke Koblauch is the co-founder and product designer at Steps.

Louise Ferslev, MyMonii

Louise Ferslev. Foto: Presse.

“She has been a front runner in the debate on maternity leave in the startup business, dedicating time to be an excellent role model to younger women.”

Louise Ferslev is the CEO in MyMonii, an app helping families handle their budget.

Malou Aamund, Country Director Google Denmark

Foto: Scanpix

Malou Aamund is the Country Director of Google Denmark and former representative for respectively Liberal Alliance and Venstre in the Danish parliament.

Elena Hove-Aggerholm – Gigga Insurance

Elene Hove-Aggerholm. Foto: Privat.


Elena Hove-Aggerholm er iværksætter inden for forsikring. Hun har startet Gigga, som hun også står i spidsen for.

Anette Nørgaard, Microsoft

Anette Nørgard. Foto: Claus Peuckert.

Annette Nørgaard works with “Startups, Students, Entrepreneurs” for Microsoft Denmark.

Heidi Lindegaard, IBM

(Foto på vej)

Lindegaard is the CMO in Cogniance, a design and tech company. She has previously been involved in the management of IBM’s startup program in Denmark.