"I Danmark er vi gode til at foretage early stage-investeringer, og hver dag bliver fondsforvalterne bedre til at spotte virksomhederne og arbejde med dem." Ditte Rude Moncur, Vækstfonden. Foto: Iris/Scanpix.

Venture capital firms in Denmark shrinks in numbers but grow in size

The venture market is in transition. Over the past 20 years, financial funds have gradually become bigger but fewer. Denmark is a front runner in early stage investments, but lags behind in raising growth capital.

Whenever looking for ways of funding, startups stand before plenty of options. Among others, the companies can turn to business angels, government subsidies, FFF (Friends, Fools, and Family) as well as venture capital firms. Especially the latter has in the past few years increased its presence in the Danish investment market, and considering VC capital in proportion of GDP, Denmark takes the lead in Europe.

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