Niels Fibæk Jensen og Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang connect pensionsavings to the UN Sustainable Development Goals with their fintech-startup Penstable. Foto: A. M. Kjemtrup Photography

Penstable: Pension savings can solve global problems

There is more to pension than returns and savings for the old age of the individual. Pension Funds can also help to secure a more sustainable future for the planet as a whole. That’s the vision of the fintech-startup Penstable.  

Danish fintech-company, Penstable, is founded on a vision rather than an actual product. Niels Fibæk Jensen is today the CEO of Penstable, but he was originally employed by the Danish delegation in the UN, New York. Here, he was part of the negotiations and formulations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in short SDGs. With a set of 17 ambitious goals, the SDGs provide a framework for sustainable development in the years leading up to 2030 in order to secure both the planet and humanity.

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