"I’ve seen several cases where highly talented people have been forced to choose not to join a Danish startup, simply because the process sometimes takes up to 6 months. So they move to Stockholm instead. Or London or Berlin. Because these are the cities we are in competition with here," writes Michael Bak, Managing Director, #CPHFTW

#CPHFTW: “Let’s become the startup nation we are born to be”

Guest Entry: Danish startups have the basics in order. But we are still seeing many of the most talented Danish students choose to work in big corporations and at the same time, we repeatedly see the extreme difficulty of attracting the right foreign talent to Denmark and take key positions within one of our many interesting startups, writes Michael Bak, Managing Director, #CPHFTW

Blog: When I look at the constant cry out for talent - foreign or domestic - that we see in the tech startup industry here in Denmark, I sometimes find myself weirded out.

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