We tell and show people on a regular basis which impact their money has,” says Jakob Lage Hansen from Metoa.

Metoa: invest in a better world

The average Danish citizen has approximately 145.000 DKK in savings. Money which, if put in circulation, could help in making the world a better place.  Metoa, a Danish fintech start-up, wants to make it easier for everyone to make sustainable investments.

“Most people have a hard time staying focused when talking about investments. I want to make people more involved. To make investments depend on opinions and interests just like when you have to make your choice of an education or a job,” says Jakob Lage Hansen.

Jakob Lage Hansen is the founder and CEO of Metoa, a Danish fintech startup. Metoa is initiated with an ambition of changing the world to the better through investments – notably, without compromising on the return and leaving out the need for an Investment counselor.

Considering the impact of our money and where they are put there is a serious need for making the field of investments both more open and democratic

“To many Danes, investments are uncharted territory. However, considering the impact of our money and where they are put there is a serious need for making the field of investments become both more open and democratic,” says Jakob Lage Hansen on the question of why he took the leap and founded Metoa. He has a background in Economy studies and work experience from both the Danish National Bank and Danske Bank.

The Danes want to save the world

The starting point for Metoa was a market analysis on the question of what causes the Danes would like to support with the means of their savings. A notable number of people demonstrated a willingness to support companies making a positive impact on the environment and social issues, and moreover companies practicing responsible leadership. More specifically, they wished to invest their savings in sustainable solutions and improvements, prevent and fight diseases and several other areas which all are to be found within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, the results from the survey have been used to develop a prototype on a digital solution, which makes it possible to invest savings in renewable energy sources, innovative health solutions and microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

“Our solution guides people to investments which are within their given opinions and economic capabilities. We assist them on their terms and moreover make the impact of their money apparent,“ tells Jakob Lage Hansen.

Emotional investments

The keyword is relevance. According to Jakob Lage Hansen, a major obstacle for most people is that investments are considered both abstract and distant. As a result most just can’t bother. However, if investments and asset management is made relevant for the individual and it becomes apparent what difference they are capable of making even short term, then it’s possible to make investments resonate with emotions. And then, according to Metoa, investments can catch people’s attention.

At the moment, Metoa is searching for a partner to enter the market with. If it succeeds in doing so, the company could be ready to start business within the next 6 months.

Alternatively, it aims to become an official Asset Manager and thereby licensed to handle the investments themselves. This plan, however, will prolong its debut on the market.

So far Metoa is financed by the founder himself and currently Jakob Lage Hansen is not actively searching for funding. However, depending on how fast a partner is found or a license obtained, money will have to be raised for the further development and upscaling of the business.