Plant Jammer uses an app to help you make healthy, vegetarian dishes. Foto: Plant Jammer

Danish food tech start-up: Now we are heading for growth

Plant Jammer will spend spring testing and expanding their platform where artificial intelligence is paired with a need for eating more greens. It will take one additional pre seed round before the company is ready for the next big step this summer, tells CEO Michael Haase.

114 types of food will make your kale look more appetizing on your plate. Plant Jammer knows this as it by the means of artificial intelligence has build up a neutral network of matching foods. The result is an app, guiding the user to more and better vegetable dishes which altogether benefit both the climate and one’s health and budget.

At the moment, the platform sees 5000 users and the number grows every month, states Michael Haase, the CEO of Plant Jammer. Together with his team he has utilized his background in Statistics and Data Science to find patterns in the countless number of recipes, food-loving people have rated on the internet.

“Most of us believe only professional chefs can develop new and good recipes. We boot trap that set of thinking by connecting every existing recipe in a matching network. It opens up a completely new world of taste. Then we bring in human knowledge on texture, aroma and taste, and combined it creates dishes never seen before” Michael Haase explains.

Plant Jammer will inspire and challenge

Besides from the app, where human meets vegetable, Plant Jammer is busy testing new features which can strengthen and expand their overall goal of making consumers eat more greens, increase overall health and minimize pollution. Still in the making, the idea is to use artificial intelligence to customize recipes based on personal preferences.

Moreover, algorithms are to match seasonal greens and buying options of pre made meal bags at the local greengrocer – or, possibly, at one of the large supermarket chains. Finally, the company is in the process of testing how artificial intelligence can be used to both inspire and challenge commercial kitchens and distributors of meal boxes.

Ahead is an accelerator course at Accelerance, ending this month. The costs of the journey so far, have been covered by a 1.2 million DKK investment made by two business angels and Seed Capital last summer. Though Plant Jammer’s potential for upscaling is evident, Michael Haase is still not ready for a major step in growth.

First comes testing and, if working, launching. Both is planned to happen during spring, and will need another capital injection of approximately half a million DKK. Plant Jammer then expects to be ready for another regular seed-round after summer break, and this time the quest for capital will be higher – between 2 and 5 million DKK.

“But first we have to prove the potential in Plant Jammer. We are not ready for investors taking over a larger part of the business yet” word is from Michael Haase.