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Ownership information

This website is provided by:

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2. Cookies

This website uses cookies in accordance with the objectives indicated above. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser so that we can recognise your computer during return visits. No personal information is saved in our cookies, and they cannot contain viruses.

2.1 Duration of cookies

Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (this can vary), but they are renewed with each visit.

2.2 How to delete cookies

Please read the following instructions:

2.3 How do I avoid cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block them. Please read the following instructions:

2.4 What do we use cookies for at

Cookies are used for statistics on the number of users and for user data on sex, age, geography and interests in order to customise content and advertising accordingly.

2.5 Traffic measurement

Since 1 January 2016, Kantar Gallup has been responsible for providing Dansk Online Index. The measurement is based on a representative panel of more than 25,000 Danes. In parallel with the panel and registration of the traffic of registered publishers, a smaller panel has been established based on a minimum of 2,000 devices where all internet traffic is registered, thus providing a general picture of the overall Danish internet traffic.

The measurements are in compliance with all legislation in this area, including the Danish Data Protection Act, ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. The internet activity data of individuals is not shared, except as aggregate data.


2.6 Google Analytics (traffic measurement)

Websites use cookies from Google Analytics to measure traffic on their site.

You can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:

2.7 Advertising network

The website uses the following advertising network:

  • adServing

It is possible to opt out of taking part in a number of ad networks that share information across different networks. You can find the list here:

3 Use of personally-identifiable data

Personally-identifiable data is never shared with a third party without your express consent, and we never collect personally-identifiable information unless you shared this information in conjunction with registration, purchases or by participating in a survey etc. In such cases, the data collected includes name, address, post code, email, sex, age, interests, opinions and knowledge of various subjects.

Personal data is used to carry out the purchase or the service in conjunction with which it was collected. The information is also used to gain a better of understanding of you and the other users of the website. This may include reviews and analyses targeted at improving our products, services and technologies, as well as for displaying content and ads that are personalised to your interests and hobbies.

3.1 Contact concerning personal data

If you want access to the data registered about you at, contact us at or by calling 24 27 32 38. If incorrect data is registered or if you want to submit a different objection, you can contact us using the same contact info. You have the option to be informed of the data registered about you, and you can object to a registration, in accordance with the rules of the Danish Data Protection Act.

3.2 Protection of personal data

According to the Danish Data Protection Act, your personal data is saved securely and confidentially. We save your personal data on computers with limited access which are placed in monitored facilities, and our security measures are continuously checked to determine if our user information is handled appropriately and with consideration for your rights as a user. However, we cannot guarantee 100% security for data transfers on the internet. This means, that there may be a risk of a third party gaining unlawful access to this information when the data is sent and saved electronically. Personal data is therefore submitted at your own risk.

The rapid development of the internet means that changes to our processing of personal data may be necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and change the current guidelines for processing personal data. In such cases, we will of course change the “last updated” date at the bottom of the page. In the event of substantial changes, we will notify you using a clearly visible notification on our website.

If your personal data is being processed, the Danish Data Protection Act grants you the right to be informed of any personal data that can be attributed to you. If it turns out that the data or information that is being processed about you is incorrect or misleading, you have the right to have it corrected, deleted or blocked. You can always object to the processing of your personal data. You can also always withdraw your consent. You have the option to lodge a complaint concerning the processing of your information and data. Complaints must be submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency, cf. the Danish Data Protection Act, section 58, subsection 1.

Danske Medier, Skindergade 7, 1260 Copenhagen K, is responsible for data in connection with Kantar Gallup cookies.

Updated on 4 December 2017