Food tech is still catching on in Denmark, but 2018 could be the break through year. Foto: Slush Media.

A tsunami of food tech is hitting Denmark

2017 was the year food tech had its breakthrough in Denmark, but the real potential is yet to unfold. Early investors and accelerators believe a tsunami of food tech is to come.

Denmark has drawn attention from global start ups within the Food Tech industry. The country holds reputable, large companies like Arla Foods and Danish Crown and world class skills in fields such as food safety and traceability. As a result, several foreign start-ups seek to Denmark to finalize their ideas, reports Center for Food after year 1 of the accelerator course Scale-up Denmark, initiated by Accelerace. Almost 40 percent of the participating entrepreneurs are foreign, and next year the number is expected to increase to 50 percent, estimates Claus Kristensen, Partner and Investment Manager at Accelerace.

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